Moscow Special Place: Kuryanovo

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What To Visit In Moscow - Kuryanovo


If you think of Moscow what you can think of or imagine or think what you could visit during your stay here? A lot of tourists who come to Moscow mostly visit places that are in every travel guides like: Kremlin, Red Square, GUM, The Cathedral of Christ The Saviour etc. Of course these places that are must to see but what if you are looking for something really special during your stay in Moscow? What could you visit in Moscow besides the most popular places? I was born in Moscow and have graduated the University as the teacher of history. And my first three years after my graduation I worked in the school as the teacher of Moscow history. And I could say that I know quite a lot not only about the popular and touristic places but also about some really interesting places (even Muscovite do not know anything about them). And today I would like to propose you one of such places which will let you to see and visit different Moscow. In this place you could feel that the time there stopped years ago and that you are back in the USSR. So lets go and visit one of the distirct of Moscow - Kuryanovo.

Visit Kuryanovo in Moscow

Kuryanovo is the microdistrict that is situated on the south-east of Moscow. If you would like to visit this place you should go to the metro station Pechatniki (light-green line, use our Metro Map to find it). But why it is worth your time and why you should visit it? Many tourists who come to Moscow ask us to show them Stalin's Moscow or Moscow of Soviet Era. There are a lot of building in the center of Moscow that are from Soviet period. The most famous of them are Seven Sisters. But these buildings were built in the center and were buildings to show the strength and power of Soviet Empire. But if you would like to see what was Moscow in the 50s of XX century and how ordinary people had to live in Moscow - Kuryanovo is the right place. There, in Kuryanovo, you will find small streets and two-storied houses which were built in the late Stalin's period (around 1950-s) and that are still houses where people live (originally this district was build for the people who worked on the aeration factory which is near from there). It is impossible to find such place now anywhere in modern Moscow because mostly all the new districts now are very tipical for every city in the world. But in Kuryanovo you could find a lot of buildings which were built to glorify Communist Party and to help people who lived there to feel the sense of their "Bright Future". All the signs of Soviet Union on their places - see the USSR coat of arms on the front of the Palace of Culture building or look closer to the Post office - very typical building for the Soviet time. Even Ilyich on his own place. But also here you can find one of the oldest friary in Moscow - Nikolo-Perervenskiy Monastery. In Soviet time it was abandoned and used as warehouse. Now it is reconstructed and looks really nice. By the way you could see this friary from the popular place Kolomenskoe. Now Kuryanovo is unique place and it is widely used by Russians movie directors so a lot of modern Russian movies are filmed there. We are welcome you to the Soviet time and Kuryanovo - the special way to visit Moscow that not many tourists know.

Kuryanovo Gallery

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  • Del Fraser


    Thanks for the write up on Kuryanovo, my wife lives there (while I work in the UK). I like Kuryanovo in the spring, it is a very green place, worth is worth a mention in your articale.




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