Soviet Moscow: Park Of Sculptures

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Park Of Sculptures


There are so many places in Moscow. But what to visit here during your stay in Moscow? Today we would like to present you the other one of our special places - The Sculpture Park Art-Museon that you can find on the river-bank of Moscow-River and near the constructivist building of The Central House of Artists (metro stations: Park Kultury or Oktyabrskaya - look up at our Moscow Metro Map).

What is so special about The Park of Sculptures?

This Park was established after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, in 1992. This place was chosen by Moscow government to bring major Soviet monuments from all over Moscow city. It was decided not to destroy our Soviet past but to preserve it. And many sculptures of Soviet Moscow that were built to glorify Soviet Empire turned up to be placed there in the Sculpture Park. One of the most famous sculpture is the 15-ton iron monument of Felix Dzerzhinsky that formerly dominated the Lubyanka Square near the KGB headquarters. Muscovite gave this monument the name "Iron Felix" because Dzerzhinsky was the first director of the All-Russia Extraordinary Commission to Combat Counter-revolution and Sabotage - the future KGB. In August, 1991 the world saw on TV footage the Russian people crowded Lubyanka Square and the memorial to Dzerzhinsky that was toppled by a cheering crowd with the help of a crane. Demolition of this monument became a symbol of the revolution in modern Russia. You can see a lot of Lenin's monuments and also such the monuments as of >the Motherland holding machine gun in the one hand and hammer and sickle in the other, the huge iron coat of arms of the Soviet Union and the monuments of all the outstanding figures of the Soviet times there in the Sculpture Park. But one of the most expressive sculpture group that you should visit is devoted to the victims of political repression. There you can see the monument of Stalin (and Stalin's monuments are really rare to see anywhere in Russia) which is surrounded by the memorial of the victims of GULAG. This is the place where you can feel the tragic of all the people who survived during the Stalin's Era. During the visit pay your attention to the sculptures of famous Russian poets and writers such as Pushkin, Lermontov, Gorky and others. Also there you can find a lot of artworks that were made by famous Soviet sculptors and by the way take your time and make a stop at the Japanese garden with small pavilions where you can drink some tea or coffee or just relax and feel the spirit of Russia. Moscow is the great city with the taste mixed of the times when it was Imperial Capital of the Soviet Union and the taste of the modern capital of Russia full of money and rich people along with the people who haven’t got money at all. We can just say: Feel The Difference!

Sculptures Park Gallery

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