The True Story From The War

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The True Story From The War


This is the true story that was told me by my Grandpa, who is now 92 years old and who was a Soviet soldier during The Second World War. The story took place in the midst of the war on March 1943 and my Grandfather was only 23. It happend somewhere in the forests of the Eastern Europe where Russian and German squads got stuck into combat action. Luck wasn't on the side of Russians or the side of Germans. As long as it was cold and there was snow and ice everywhere it was quite easy for the troops to maneuver but when spring came snow melted and contenders were parted from each other by mud, water and swamps. My Grandpa's squad got stucked on one side of the hill and the Germans on the other, about 200 meters away. And it was impossible for the both squads to get out from this stuck. It was good enough till the field kitchens of booth troops stayed behind of them and there were food provisions for only several days left. Grandpa doesn't know what German soldiers decided to do with their provisions but the commander of Russians ordered them to put all their provisions in one pile and once dayly they brotherly divided this provision between all the soldiers. And for the reason no one to be offended they chose 2 soldiers one of which turned aside and the other were pointing to the pile and asking the question: - This combat ration for which soldier? And the other soldier who didn't see on which part of provision his fellow pointed answered: - For Ivanov. - And this one for which soldier? - For Sidorov. - And this one for which soldier? - For Petrov. And so on. The days passed. All food supplies were eaten and the starvation began. But Grandpa's commander decided to act as there are a lot of food and ordered to his soldiers to continue to do the same thing every day. They still chose two soldiers and play the game: "This one for which soldier?". He decided that this game would help his soldiers to strength the spirit and would suppress the spirit of enemy soldiers. After several days German soldiers raised the white flag. Every soldier from enemy squad capitulated without one shot and came to Russian campside and asked in broken Russian: "Russish, yum-yum, need eat".It was funny because German soldiers had eaten all the provisions in their camp but heard that Russian soldiers still divided food among them and decided to capitulate for the reason not to die of starvation. Russian soldiers laughed out loud. But for Germans it wasn't funny now. Several days later the field kitchen came and brought enough food for the soldiers and captivities.

Svyaschennaya Voina

Here you can listen the famous Soviet song of the war time: "Svyaschennaya Voina" (Saint War), associated with the Second World War. It was written in 1941 upon the beginning of the German invasion of the Soviet Union. There are a number of foreign-language adaptations of this song, among them the German version Der Heilige Krieg and the Hungarian version Fel, küzdelemre, hõs haza.
If you would like we could organize you the special tour to my Grandpa's house which is situated approximately 130 km from Moscow. He lives in the wooden house in typical Russian village which is situated on the hill near the river Seraya (Grey). In this river Ivan The Terrible drown one of his wives. And the village itself not far from the foremer residence of Ivan The Terrible. What to know more about this tour? Ask Us.

Gallery For My Grandpa

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