The Price For Moscow Private Tours

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The Price For Moscow Private Tours


I like to travel a lot. And I decided to write some useful tips how to choose your private guide in Moscow. The most question I got from my guests all over the world is How much does it cost for the private tour in Moscow. Right now the exchange rate for USD and EUR is very good for people who travels to Russia. But not for Russians at all. So when people ask me What is the price for Moscow private tours I usually say that in some ways (like tickets, hotels and entrance fees or restaurants) are really better for Russian guests than it was several years ago.

The Price for Moscow Tour

After the beginning of the crisis in Russia (2014) many other private guides raised their price for the private tours in Moscow. And actually I was shocked that some of them put the price as 100USD per hour per group. I really do not understand why they did that. I know that life here became more difficult but still can see that the price they give for the tour is not fair for foreigners at all. Other companies try to cheat guests by making so called FREE PRIVATE TOURS. What is free Moscow tours? You are walking in the group of 50 or more people around 1 hour in the heart of Moscow (Alexandrov Gardens, Red Square, GUM etc.) and then you are asked to join for the paid part of the tour (I have heard of that from a lot of guests of mine and have the same experience to see if that true).
Let Us Be Real
If you want to have positive experience with your own private guide in Moscow check their personal email and use Tripadvisor. That will help you to make your own opinion and choose the right private guide in Moscow.
What You Should Ask Your Private Guide In Moscow
There are some useful question that you should to clarify when you write email to your private guide: - How do we make the payment? Do we pay on the day itself? - Where would be the meeting point be at? - What is the meeting time? - Do we still need to queue for the museum tickets or the guide prepare the museum tickets before hand? - Who would be our guide for the day? - What extra fees we will pay during the tour? It is better to ask a guide these questions (if they haven't given the answers beforehand in their email) than to discover that you will pay more before the tour or after it. And one more: the real guides can offer you not only the good price for the tour but also will give you the real feel of personal service for very good price. I have my own experience for more than 4 years and I know that I can make even prepayment for my guests for exclusive tours (for e.g. The Grand Kremlin Palace) so they do not need to worry and be sure to get everything they want. Be sure to get your PERFECT private guide!

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