Summer Private Tours In Moscow

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Summer Moscow Private Tours BACK

Summer is almost here in Moscow and I am glad that I am opening the new hot season for the private tours in Moscow already. There are so many requests at the moment for the tours but what is very unusual that a lot of my guests now want to see not only the places that are very common and touristic like the Kremlin

or the Red Square etc. This summer I am ready to show my guests during the private tours the hidden gems of Moscow: like Krutitsy or Kuryanovo. I am glad that more of my guests now want to escape the touristic routs and discover the real Moscow - the one we are Muscovites enjoy.

What Is Summer Like In Moscow?

Moscow Private Tours In Summer

Hope this year summer will be better than it was a year ago when the temperature was actually very cool and there were a lot of rains during all the summer months. There is a new point in right now while you are doing review you can say if a place is okay in a rainy day! That is all about Moscow weather during summer you never know what it will be like. Sometimes it can be very cold and sometimes it is so hot that you barely can breath.

The average day temperature in Moscow is about 22C or 71F. The perfect time to start any private tour in Moscow is early in the morning while it is still  a lot of fresh air and streets are not overcrowded with tourists.

What Special Places I Can Advise?

Summer Moscow Private Tours

Besides the overcrowded the Red Square with it magnificent St.Basil's and the Kremlin and all the central part of Moscow I am always invite my guests to go somewhere a bit away from city center. There a lot of beautiful and amazing parks and old mansions around city center that are worth to visit. Just check this list of  these estates that belonged to the richest families in Russia or to the Royal family: Kolomenskoe (UNESCO), Kuskovo, Archangelskoe, Tsaritsino, Ostankino. Or these monasteries and convents: Novodevichy (UNESCO), Donskoy, Danilovsky, Andreevsky, Vysoko-Petrovsky, Krutitsy. All of them are very beautiful and can be visited during summer time.

Also I don't want to forget about Kuryanovo - the place where Soviet times just frozen. Only there you can find what was life in Moscow and Russia before the WWII. It is very unusual district though not very safe but still very intriguing. Read more about here.

Soon I am ready to show you some other hidden gems of Moscow that can make you stay in Moscow and private tours here unforgettable. I am always try to find the new places and suggest them to my guests so they can be satisfied with the private tour. I am always glad to share my own experience as Muscovite with my guests from all over the world.

I am happy to invite my guests to see all of these amazing places so it will be unique experience for you! Just ask me about this.

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