Museum of Mayakovsky

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The State Museum of Vladimir Mayakovsky


If you would like to have a small private tour and visit the very special place in Moscow that could give you the feel of creativity and also Russia of Soviet Era you shouldn't miss this place: The State Museum of Vladimir Mayakovsky. This place is really one of the impressive museums in Moscow that many Russians and foreigners like to visit.

Who is Vladimir Mayakovsky?

He was a Russian and Soviet poet and playwright, among the foremost representatives of early-20th century Russian Futurism. As one of the few Soviet writers who were allowed to travel freely, his voyages to Latvia, Britain, Germany, the United States, Mexico and Cuba influenced works like My Discovery of America (1925). He also travelled extensively throughout the Soviet Union. Among his famous poems and other works he also had a tragic life. On the evening of April 14, 1930, Mayakovsky shot himself. The unfinished poem in his suicide note read, in part:

"And so they say- "the incident dissolved" the love boat smashed up on the dreary routine. I'm through with life and [we] should absolve from mutual hurts, afflictions and spleen."

Mayakovsky was interred at the Moscow Novodevichy Cemetery. After his death, Mayakovsky was attacked in the Soviet press as a "formalist" and a "fellow-traveller" (as opposed to officially recognised "proletarian poets"). When, in 1935, Lilya Brik (his beloved) wrote to Stalin to complain about the attacks, Stalin wrote a comment on Brik's letter:

"Comrade Yezhov, please take charge of Brik's letter. Mayakovsky is still the best and the most talented poet of our Soviet epoch. Indifference to his cultural heritage is a crime. Brik's complaints are, in my opinion, justified..."

These words became a cliché and officially canonized Mayakovsky but, as Boris Pasternak noted, they "dealt him the second death" in some circles.

About museum.

The State Museum of Mayakovky was opened in Moscow in January, 1974 in the same house where poet lived from 1919 till his death in 1930. The museum believed to be as unusual as it could be because of Mayakovsky: his person was one of the most bright representatives of Russian Futurism and influenced a lot on the Russian Literature and Culture. The entrance to the Museum is performed in the post-modern style. There is taboo truss lying as a border at the memorial building as a symbol of interrupted time in the flow of current life. Inside the museum you could feel yourself as inside the mind of the great poet and feel yourself back to the Soviet Russia of early 20-th century. There are no exibition halls as we could imagine them with the showpieces in the glass cases as they are in the usual museums. All the rooms inside the museum were designed as allegory of "Labyrinth of Life" the main room wich is the room where poet lived and died. This room is only 20 m2 because Mayakovsky believed that life shouldn't be full of the luxury and wealth. There are almost 50 000 exhibits that connected with Mayakovsky's life (from his private journals to the books that were printed when he was still alive and his own paintings). Also there you can find cinema hall where you could see documentaries with Mayakovsky and his surroundings. This new Museum creates a model of age and world of Mayakovsky, transforms the poetical metaphor into poetical compositions, realizes intellect and fantasy of the author, transforms a visitor from an obedient super into a co-author and participant.

Gallery of The Museum of Mayakovsky

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