Moscow Private Guide: Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon

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Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon BACK

During the private Kremlin tour with my guests we cannot miss one of the gorgeous square the Moscow Kremlin - Ivanovskaya Square. The name was given because of the Great Bell Tower of Ivan the Great (grandfather of Ivan the Terrible, who started unification process of Russia). During the guided tour of the beautiful ensemble of Ivanovskaya Square we visit not only the Bell Tower but also Tainitskiy (Secret) Gardens, Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon. You can't miss these beautiful part of Moscow Kremlin if you visit the private Kremlin tour with me! Let me show and tell what we usually see there with my guests.

The Bell-Tower of Ivan The Great

The Bell Tower Of Ivan The Great

The east side of Cathedral Square of Moscow Kremlin contains the splendid architectural ensemble of the Ivan the Great Bell-Tower with the adjoining Assumption Belfry and Philaret Annexe, Erected in 1505-1508 by the Italian architect Bon Fryazin, the bell-tower acquired further tiers on the orders of Tsar Boris Godunov in 1600, reaching a height of 81 meters (265 feet). This is our first stop in the Kremlin private tour after Cathedral Square. It was the tallest building in Russia till 18 century and the tallest building in Moscow till 1883 when Cathedral of Christ The Saviour was finished in Moscow it was forbidden to put up any building in Moscow which was taller than the Bell Tower. The three rows of writing under the gold dome contain the names of Tsar Boris and his son Fyodor and the date when the new tiers were added.“By permission of the Holy Trinity, by order of Great Sovereign, Tsar and Grand Prince Boris Fyodorovich the sovereign of All Russian and his son the Great Sovereign, Tsarevich and Grand Prince Fyodor Borisovich this Cathedral was built and gilded in the second year of the Sovereignty”. In the middle of the 16th century the Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord was built onto the bell-tower, and in 1624 the ensemble acquired the Philaret Annexe with its tent roof. At the same time work began to turn the Nativity Church into belfry.

The belfry and Bell Tower contain 21 bells in all. The largest among the is the Assumption which weighs about 70 tons (155 pounds). During the tour it is possible to visit the ground floor of the belfry (usually is used for exhibitions) and the second floor of the bell tower from which you can see the Cathedral Square.

Tsar Bell

Tsar Bell in Kremlin
The next stoup in the Kremlin private tour is the Tsar Bell. At the bottom of the Ivan The Great Bell Tower is the Tsar Bell, unrivaled both in size and artistic execution. It weights more than 200 tons (440 pounds) and is 6 meters high and 6 meters in diameter (20x20 feet). The bell was cast in the Moscow Kremlin in 1735 by the order of Russian Empress Anna Ioanovna. It was still in the moulding-pit for the final touches when the terrible fire of 1737 broke out. People were so afraid that the bell would melt down they poured it with cold water. As a result of sudden cooling some cracks appeared and a pice of weighing 11,5 tons (22 pounds)  broke off. The name for the bell was given because there are two portraits of two Russian Tsars on it - Tsar Mikhail (the first from Romanovs Dynasty) and Empress Anna. The Tsar Bell remained in the pit for almost a hundred years until in 1836 it was lifted and placed on a stone pedestal in 1836 by the order of Nicholas I. Don't miss during the tour to make awesome pictures near this Bell!

Tsar Cannon

Tsar Cannon in Kremlin
The last but not least in the private Kremlin tour is the Tsar Cannon. The Tsar Cannon is a remarkable piece of medieval artillery which testifies to the skill of the Russian and Moscow armoures. It was cast in 1586 by the well-known Russian master Chokhov in Cannon Yard. It was the order of the Russian Tsar Fyodor (the son of Ivan The Terrible and the last one from Rurik Dynasty). Few armaments can rival its dimensions. The Cannon has an 890 mm (35 inches) caliber, a barrel with an outside diameter of 1.2 meters (4 feet), 5.34 meters (17 feet) long and weighs 40 tons (88 pounds). The Cannon originally stood by the Rostrum Dias (Lobnoye Place) in Red Square defending the approaches to the Saviour Tower but it was moved into the Kremlin in the 18th century. In 1856 it was placed on a gun-carriage decorated with the cast patterns and four iron cannon-balls. The Cannon shot only once with the dead body of False Dimitry in 17th century.

I am happy to invite my guests to see all of these amazing places so it will be unique experience for you! Just ask me about this.

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