Moscow Private Guide: Several Hours Layover Moscow Tour

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Moscow Private Guide: Several Hours Layover Moscow Tour BACK

Today I would like to share with you my own Moscow tour for the guests that I usually do. Usually these guests don't have a lot of time in Moscow and such requests I get from layover travelers.  Let me share with you my own experience what you can see and visit in Moscow during the Layover Moscow Tour - 4-6 hours.

Layover Moscow Tour: The Kremlin

The KremlinPeople who visit Moscow for the first time can't skip The Kremlin - the most iconic place in Russia. The museums and the territory of the Kremlin operating hours from 10 am till 6 pm. Usually people ask to visit this place. I always buy tickets there beforehand so we do not need to spend time in lines waiting to go inside the territory. During the Kremlin tour we usually visit not only its territory with Cathedral Square and three the most important cathedrals of Russia: Assumption Cathedral (or Dormition Cathedral), Annunciation Cathedral and Archangel Cathedral. Famous three "A" of the Kremlin. We usually visit all of these cathedral inside. It is not allowed to make pictures inside of these cathedrals that's why people want to see them. On the Cathedral Square we also can see The Belfry or Tower Bell of Ivan The Great. Please note that if yo want to go upstairs of the Belfry yo can do that only certain time (and pay extra). But also you need to know: The Kremlin territory is under strict police rules that means that you won't see beautiful panorama of Moscow or the Kremlin and I usually advise to skip this Tower Bell. After The Cathedral Square we go to Patriarchy Palace - the palace where used to live all Patriarchs of Russia - The Head of Orthodox Church in Russia. In this Palace we can get the atmosphere of what were houses inside of the rich people of Moscow in pre-Petrine times (before Peter The Great). During the tour in the Kremlin we can't miss two notable points - one on Ivanovskaya Square where you can see the Tsar-Bell. The other on Senate Square with the biggest Russian cannon  - Tsar-Cannon. If we have enough time we usually go two Secret Gardens just to relax a bit during the tour. The next stop in our tour is only about how much time you have in Moscow. If you only have around 4 hours we usually skip this place. If you have more than 4 hours than we visit this place. This is one of the most impressive museum of Moscow and actually Treasury of Russian Tsars known as The Armoury Chamber.

Layover Moscow Tour: The Armoury Chamber

The Armoury Chamber was first established by Russian Tsar Ivan III (15c-16c). During his reign it got name as The Big Treasury. And only during the reign of his famous grandson Ivan The Terrible The Armoury Chamber got its name that is known till nowadays. Inside this museum we can see such stuff as: icons, precious covers for Russian icons, golden and silver table ware, famous Faberge eggs, crowns and thrones of Russian Tsars and theirs clothes, armory and ammunition, gifts to Russian Tsars from foreign embassies and carriages. During this tour I can show a lot of interesting things and tell so many interesting stories! I really amazed by this place every time I visit it. As a bonus to this tour after the Armoury Chamber my guests usually visit (without waiting for certain time and lines) the Diamond Fund - the rooms that are filled with the precious stones and where you can see yourself the famous The Big Crown Of Russian Empire that consists of more than 2000 diamonds and was made specially for Catherine The Great. At this point we are finished with the Kremlin and can leave it to continue our tour to the Red Square with iconic St. Basil's Cathedral.

Layover Moscow Tour: The Red Square, St. Basil's, GUM and Lenin's Mausoleum

The Red Square
On our way to the Red Square we will visit Alexandrovsky Gardens and pass by Manezh and Manezhnaya Square, Memorial of Unknown Soldier, Lion's Gates and State Historical Museum. Entering the beautiful Red Square and remarkable St. Basil's my guests first of all make a lot of pictures. After such photo shoot we continue to St. Basil's. This is one of the only churches in Russia we you can make pictures. What I like most of all about this magnificent cathedral - that actually it is not just the one church but 9 churches united in one cathedral. Beautiful murals on the walls, secret stairs, halls  full of history of Russia and beautiful chants of the choir inside will make great impression about this cathedral for you. More about St. Basil's. After St. Basil's if you'd like to visit the Lenin's tomb we can do that (it is opened only in the mornings from 10 am till 2pm). During this short walk we can see also some tombs of important persons in Soviet history like Stalin, Gagarin, Dzerzhinsky and others. To read more about Mausoleum check this. As one of my guest told me once: Lenin's tomb as symbol of Communism is facing GUM - the symbol of Capitalism. This is GUMour next stop. Famous and beautiful shopping mall built instead of Upper Trading Rows on the Red Square by the order of that time governor of Moscow - uncle of last Russian Tsar Nicolas II. This shopping mall is the great place just to spent a little bit time after all the walking. Inside are many different shops and cafes and also the administration of this mall usually does different exhibitions in the mall about Russian and Soviet past. There we usually spent some time near fountain inside and make nice shots of the Red Square from some special points. As the last point of the Moscow tour I usually take my guests to one perfect spot from which they can make beautiful panorama of Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil's and GUM - Bolshoi Moskvoretskiy Bridge. Want to have such experience in Moscow? Just let me know! I answer emails very fast and give you the lowest price for the private Moscow tour.
Fast Facts About Layover Moscow Tour
  • Duration: 4-6 hours
  • Price: 35 USD per hour per group
  • Availability: Every day, every season.

I am happy to invite any of my guests to visit any of these amazing places so it will be unique experience for you! Just ask me about this.

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