Moscow Metro Private Guided Tour

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Moscow Metro Tour


The Moscow Metro is unlike any other metro system in the world. Stalin believed that instead of providing decent housing for all of the citizens of the USSR, it was better to build less living accommodations and more "palaces of the people". These "palaces" were public buildings, monuments, and parks that were architecturally impressive and decorated top to bottom in pro-soviet images and were meant to serve as a matter of pride and enjoyment for the Soviet citizens. The metro is one of the finest examples of this theory. The downtown stations are filled with valuable artworks such as murals, statues and mosaics as well as crystal chandeliers and marble archways and benches. Each station was designed by a prominent Soviet architect or artist. It is said that much of the marble used in the metro systems were lifted from churches that the soviet government demolished. In fact, the famous, and now re-build Cathedral of Christ the Savior (number 10 on the list) provided marble and decorative elements for several of the stations.

Description: Moscow Metro Private Guided Tour

Be ready to get excited of one of the most beautiful metro systems in the world. The tour lasts around 2-3 hours and depends on how many metrostations you would like to visit. Usually we advise to chose around 15 stations that are ones of most interesting.

What You Will See: Moscow Metro Private Guided Tour

Most recommended stations for a Moscow Metro Private Guided Tour:
  • Mayakovskaya, one of the largest stations, was used as a command post for the city's anti-aircraft batteries and on 6th November 1941, hosted an underground ceremony to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the October Revolution, for which a podium with a bust of Lenin, surrounded by banners, was set up in its main hall, trains were stopped at its platforms and sumptuous buffets arranged within them and hundreds of seats brought into the station to accommodate the invited Party members. It is by far the most architecturally impressive. The station features glistening chrome columns and soaring vaults adorned with mosaic panels depicting "A Day in the Land of Soviets", designed by the artist Deineka. Coming from the escalator commuters pass happy Soviet workers rising with the dawn, happily tilling the fields and toiling in factories before returning to their beds as the sun sets in the last panel.
  • Kropotkinskaya (known until 1957 as "Palace of Soviets"), was designed and decorated by the architect Dushkin. Built to serve visitors to the proposed new Palace of Soviets, the station's columns and walls are faced with marble salvaged from the soviet-demolished (and now rebuilt) Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The station's interior is more akin to an underground palace than a functioning station.
  • Ploshchad Revolyitsii, designed by Dushkin and serving Red Square, was opened on 13th March 1938 and is lined with bronze figures of the creators of the new socialist order, nestled into niches between the station's broad columns. The sculptor Manizer created a total of 76 statues of soldiers, workers and collective farm workers. Of particular note here is the gender balance in the sculptures. And if you linger long enough by one of the sculptures of a young partisan with his dog, you will notice Muscovites pausing to rub the dog’s nose. This continual rubbing has polished the noses of the dogs to a high shine. During the siege of Moscow, the statues were evacuated to the Ural mountains, just like many of Moscow’s citizens.
  • Novokusnetskaya was opened on 20th November 1943, as a show of Soviet strength despite the devastating war being fought by the country. The station is patriotically decorated with heroes from Russian history, such as Russian military commanders Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy, Kuzma Minin and Prince Dmitry Pozharsky, Alexander Suvorov and Prince Kutuzov. The station's mosaic decorations were designed by Deineka and created during the siege of Leningrad by the craftsman Frolov and later brought to Moscow. The marvelous marble benches that adorn the station platforms were taken from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, just before it was demolished.
  • Komsomolskaya - Ring Line, probably the most luxurious station on the Circle line, was opened in the 1950s. The station's ceiling is adorned with mosaic panels depicting the country's great military leaders from Alexander Nevsky and the 14th century Dmitry Donskoy to the famed Alexander Suvorov and Prince Kutuzov, the great Russian hero of the Napoleonic Wars. The mosaic panels were created using ancient Byzantine techniques and include tiny squares of colored glass, marble and granite. One of the station's original panels featured Stalin holding a banner, while an officer kneels and kisses it. After the 20th Party Congress, in which Krushchev denounced Stalin, the mosaic panel was removed and another featuring "Lenin's Speech to the Red Guards before Their Journey to the Front" was put in its place.
  • Novoslobodskaya was opened in January of 1952. Designed by the architects Dushkin and Strelkov, the station is perhaps the brightest and most ornate station on the Moscow underground and features beautiful stained-glass windows crafted in Riga and a stunning mosaic panel entitled "Peace Throughout the World" by the famed Korin.
  • The marble used in the Moscow Metro was brought from all over the former Soviet Union from places like the Ural Mountains, Altay, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Black marble from the Urals, Armenia and Georgia decorates the walls of such Metro stations as Belorusskaya, Ploshchad Revolyitsii, Elektrozavodskaya and Aeroport. Deep-red marble from Georgia contributes to the beauty of the Krasnye Vorota metro station.

This is just a taste of what awaits a visitor to Moscow's underground museums.

If you'd like to visit Moscow Metro - the best option for you will be book the private tour with us. Our prices are fairly cheap and you can choose by yourselves what stations you would like to visit. For more information about Moscow Metro don't forget to check our Moscow Metro Virtual Tour to look up the best stationsin Moscow Metro and our Useful Tips about Moscow Metro.

See also Moscow Metro: Virtual Tour and Moscow Metro: How To Use.

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