Face For Sale: Where To Buy Matryoshkas In Moscow

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Matryoshka Where To Buy In Moscow


Matryoshka Dolls are one of the most popular tourist’s souvenir in Moscow. In this article you can find out whose faces you can see on matryoshkas and which ones are most popular amoung tourists who come to Moscow.


Salespeople say that mostly all the tourists do not like the matryoshkas with the faces of famous politicians even they’ve done something good for their countries. Nevertherless in the most souvenir shops of Izmailovo Flea market you can find matreshkas with Putin or Obama faces alongside with Merkel and Sarkozi. The most favourite matryoshkas with the faces of Russian or US Presidents but even they are sold not like traditional matryoshkas with the faces of Russian “baba”.

Vladimir Putin

Inside: Eltsin, Gorbachev, Stalin, Lenin
Price: 1 200RUB (40USD)

Barak Obama

Inside: Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Kennedy
Price: 1 500RUB (50USD)

Nicholas II

Inside: Alexander III, Alexander II, Alexander I, Paul II, Catherine The Great, Peter I
Price: 6 800RUB (225USD)

Muammar Gaddafi

Inside: Muammar Gaddafi
Price: 700RUB (23USD)

Pop Stars

Quite often you can find the portraites of pop stars on matryoshkas. Not only ones who still live but those who were also popular long time ago: Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Rolling Stones etc.

lady Gaga

Inside: Lady Gaga
Price: 450RUB (15USD)


Inside: Rihanna
Price: 1 200RUB (40USD)

Sport Stars

These matryoshka that are extremely popular among tourists. Espessially if they can find the sport teams from their countries. The main “stars” among sport matryoshkas are the teams of American football but you can also find the faces of famous champions of figure skating or hokkey teams.

Boston College Eagles

Inside: Players
Price: 1 600RUB (53USD)

Russian Soccer Players

Inside: Players
Price: 1 600RUB (53USD)

Movie Stars

It could be hard to find movie stars among matryoshkas but children like to have as a toy matryoshkas with the cartoon heroes. You also can find matryoshkas with the heroes from such blockbasters as Star Wars or Avatar.

Star Wars

Inside: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia
Price: 800RUB (27USD)

South Park

Inside: Stan, Cartman, Chef, Kyle, Timmy
Price: 1 200RUB (40USD)

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