Moscow Guide: Top 7 Viewpoints in Moscow

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Top 7 Moscow Viewpoints


One of the most common sight during our Moscow private tours is Sparrow Hills. When you stay on that hills you can observe all of Moscow with it's beauty: from the Moscow Kremlin to the new bussines district "Moscow-City". From Sparrow Hills Napoleon observed Moscow before French army invaded it. But there are 6 more places that are great to see the beauty of Moscow. Here you can read about 7 top viewpoints of Moscow that you can visit enven during winter season and don't be afraid to freeze to death!

#1 Cathedral of Christ The Savior Viewpoint
40 meters (131 ft)
You need to take the tour to get to this viewpoint. Actually there are four of them that are between belltowers of Cathedral. On official website of Cathedral you can find description of the view of Moscow from these viewpoints as "unforgettable" and "bewitching". From the viewpoints of Cathedral of Christ The Saviour you can see The Moscow Kremlin, Gorky Park, Krymsky Bridge, one of the Stalin's skyscrapers (on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment), New Arbat street and Poklonnaya Hill. If you like to see the Kremlin closer you can use binoculars on these viewpoints.
  • Where: 15, Volkhonka St., m. Kropotkinskaya
  • Operating hours: 10:00am - 04:00pm
  • Price: 450RUB (14USD) per person
  • Additional information: Phone for excursions: +7 495 6372847
#2 Viewpoint near Russian Science Academy 60 meters (196 ft)
This one is not so popular as on Sparrow Hills but astonishing. From this viewpoint you can see: Russian Science Academy (the other name for this building is "Golden Brains"), Andreevsky Monastery, Frunzenskaya Embankment, Gagarin's monument, part of Neskuchniy Garden. Also there you can find the restaurant Sky Lounge on the 22nd flor (about 120 meters / 393 ft above the land) and order, for example, a glass of wine (700 - 2500 RUB / 21 - 78 USD)
  • Where: 32A, bld. 1, Leninskiy Avenue, m. Leninskiy Prospekt
  • Operating hours: 24h
  • Price: Free
#3 Ferris wheel on All-Russia Exhibition Center 73 meters (239 ft)
The ride on this Ferris wheel (the biggest in Moscow) will take about 7 minutes. From the highest point you can see the area of All-Russia Exhibition Center, Hotel "Cosmos", Alley of Cosmonauts, Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Monument, Ostankino TV Tower and some other neighborhoods.
  • Where: 119, Mira Avenue, m. VDNKH
  • Operating hours: 11:00am - 10:00pm (during Spring and Summer)
  • Price: 250 - 350 RUB (7 - 11 USD) per person
#4 Sparrow Hills 80 meters (262 ft)
This viewpoint was opened in 1953 when they finished the gorgeus building of Moscow State University. The view of Moscow from this viewpoint the most spectacular and that is why it is so popular among tourists. From this viewpoint you can see: Olympic Stadium "Luzhniki", Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all of the Seven Stalin's Skyscrapers, the New Arbat Street, Ostankinskaya and Shukovskaya TV Towers, White House, Monument of Peter the Great, The Kremlin, New-Maden Convent, Cathedral of Christ The Saviour, Skyscrapers of business district "Moscow-City" and many other highlights of Moscow. From exactly this viewpoint Napolen saw Moscow for the first time in 1812.
  • Where: m. Vorobyevy Gory
  • Price: Free
#5 Hotel "Ukraine" 120 meters (393 ft)
Hotel "Ukraine" has got 8 restaurants. But the best one is Buono if you want to see Moscow. It is situated on the 29th and 30th floors of the hotel. Huge windows and panoramic view are one of the best in Moscow. During lunchtime you can also see White House, Stalin's Moscow, Factories of 19th century and Moscow-City. The prices for the lunch per person starts from 70USD.
  • Where: 2/1, Kutuzovskiy Avenue, m. Kievskaya
  • Price: 70USD per person
#6 Hotel "Swissotel Krasnie Kholmy" 140 meters (460 ft)
If you visit bar City Space on the 34th floor of this hotel you will be able to get astonishing panorama of Moscow. This time you'll be able to see Moscow from it's south point. Moscow River, Stalin's Skyscrapers, The Kremlin and nice drinks will make your day! Price range for the cocktails from 10 to 45USD.
  • Where: 52, bld. 6, Kosmodamianskaya Embankment, m. Paveletskaya
  • Operating hours: 05:00pm - 03:00am
#7 Ostankinskaya TV Tower 340 meters (1 115 ft)
This TV Tower was built in 1967 and those times it was the tallest building in the world. The top viepoint of the TV Tower is on the 340 meters above Moscow (opens from May to October). The other viewpoint is 3 meters lower but opens all-year round. To visit this viewpoint you need to order the excursion.
  • Where: 15, bld. 2, Akademika Korolyova Street, m. VDNKH
  • Operating hours: 10:00am - 09:00pm
  • Price: 1200 RUB (38 USD) per person

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