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Red October Revolution BACK

The Red October - is the common name here in Moscow and all over Russia for the Great October Socialist Revolution that took place on October 25, 1917 (be the Julian or Old Style calendar). An assault led by Vladimir Lenin was launched at 9:45 p.m. signaled by a blank shot from the cruiser Aurora (Petrograd or Saint-Petersburg). The revolution led by Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Provisional Government and gave the power to the local soviets (councils) dominated by Bolsheviks. On the next day it was established the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, the world's first self-proclaimed socialist state and marked the beginning of the Civil War (1917-1922) in all the Former Russian Empire. After the end of the Civil war was created the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - common known as CCCP.

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To the citizens of Russia

A pamphlet titled "To the citizens of Russia" was signed by the Revolutionary Military Committee of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers Deputies and dated "10am, October 25, 1917". It reads:
The Provisional Government has been deposed. State power has passed into the hands of the organ of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies - the Revolutionary Military Committee, which heads the Petrograd proletariat and the garrison. The cause for which the people have fought, namely, the immediate offer of a democratic peace, the abolition of landed proprietorship, workers' control over production, and the establishment of Soviet power - this cause has been secured. Long live the revolution of workers, soldiers and peasants!

Official Hymn of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic

Here you can also listen the official hymn of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic - International The lyrics of the hymn: Russian lyrics: Arkadiy Gots Music: Pierre Degeyter Get up, branded with a curse, The whole of hungry people and of slaves. Our indignant mind is boiling (with anger) And ready to lead us in a mortal fight. We will destroy all the world of violence Completely, and then We (will built) our (world), we will built the new world - Who was nothing will become everything. Chorus: This is our last And all-out fight. By the international The human generation will revive! Nobody can make us free: Neither God, nor tzar and nor a hero. We'll get the liberation By our own hands. If you want to overthrow the oppression by your skillful hand, To win back your property - You should fire up the furnace and hammer boldly, while the iron is still hot! Only we, the workers of international Of great army of labour Have the right to own the ground But spongers - they will get it never! And if the great thunder rolls Over the the pack of dogs and executioners For us the sun will shine like it used to With the light of its rays.

Interesting Facts

  • The Red October Revolution is the world's first political event which information about was translated on the radio.
In 20-s of XX century in Soviet Russia it was popular to give unusual names to children that were abbreviations of such words as Lenin, Red October, Worker etc.
  • Velior (The Great October Revolution) - if translate in English - Groctor
  • Velira (The Great Worker) - if translate in English - Grewo
  • Veor (The Great October Revolution) - if translate in English - Grore
  • Vidlen (The Great ideas of Lenin) - if translate in English - Gidlen
  • Vilen (Vladimir Ilych Lenin)
  • Vilenor (Vladimir Ilych Lenin - the father of Revolution) - if translate in English - Vilefar
  • Kukutsapol' (The Corn is Tsarina of Fields) - if translate in English - Cotsafi
  • Lelyud (Lenin likes the children) - if translate in English - Lelich
And many many others!

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