The New Park In Moscow Kremlin

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Moscow Kremlin New Park BACK

The Kremlin is one of the most popular request for my private tours in Moscow. I visit it almost every weekend with my guests. During the Victory Day on the 9th of May the Kremlin was closed. But it is opened today with some awesome news!

Today was opened the new park in the heart of Russia and Moscow - in the Kremlin. It was opened in the place where used to be The Kremlin Presidium, also known as Building 14. The scientists said that the building that was built in 1934 had no historical value and it was decided to demolished it in late 2015.

Moscow Guide: The Lenin Mausoleum

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Lenin Mausoleum - Private Guided Tours BACK

When I was a child everyone was obligated to visit one of the most important symbol of Soviet Union - Lenin Mausoleum. During my Pioneer Initiation in 1990 my class was taken by our teacher to this place. We were frightened to see the dead corpse of the old man but that was one of the most important thing (as we were told) in our life. Today let us look inside Lenin Mausoleum to see what it is made of and how it works.

Face For Sale: Where To Buy Matryoshkas In Moscow

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Matryoshka Where To Buy In Moscow

BACK Matryoshka Dolls are one of the most popular tourist's souvenir in Moscow. In this article you can find out whose faces you can see on matryoshkas and which ones are most popular amoung tourists who come to Moscow.


Salespeople say that mostly all the tourists do not like the matryoshkas with the faces of famous politicians even they've done something good for their countries. Nevertherless in the most souvenir shops of Izmailovo Flea market you can find matreshkas with Putin or Obama faces alongside with Merkel and Sarkozi. The most favourite matryoshkas with the faces of Russian or US Presidents but even they are sold not like traditional matryoshkas with the faces of Russian "baba".

British In Moscow

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British In Moscow

BACK Miriam Elder, The Guardian The Soviet Union was notorious for its endless form-filling and procrastination. Nothing much seems to have changed, as BBC Moscow correspondent discovered when she tried to get some dry cleaning done. On the face of it, life in Moscow is not easy. Either you're dodging speeding cars, or praying your plane won't crash; paying an arm and a leg for groceries, or avoiding those who have availed themselves of the country's dirt cheap vodka. But deeper down, there is something called the "Russian soul". Without going into the details, this means that life in Russia – life in its cultural, philosophical sense – is richer than anywhere.

The Latest Reference

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The Latest Reference

BACK See one of the latest reference from one of our guest who visited Moscow in the end of August. We are really happy to have such guests! Be one of our guests - book the private tour with us. For booking information contact us by using our Request Form. Name: Irene Manson From: Scotland "HI got home 2 days ago but due to jet lag could not work out how to download the gorgeous pictures you took for me however my son helped out ! I cannot find the words to express my thanks to you for all your help and again thank your Dad for going out of his way to help and your lovely partner for coming out in the rain to bring the camera...I had such a happy day with was 1 of the highlights of my trip...hope you passed the spanish exam and that business continues to go well for you.....Hugs....irene"

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