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The True Story From The War

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The True Story From The War


This is the true story that was told me by my Grandpa, who is now 92 years old and who was a Soviet soldier during The Second World War. The story took place in the midst of the war on March 1943 and my Grandfather was only 23. It happend somewhere in the forests of the Eastern Europe where Russian and German squads got stuck into combat action. Luck wasn't on the side of Russians or the side of Germans. As long as it was cold and there was snow and ice everywhere it was quite easy for the troops to maneuver but when spring came snow melted and contenders were parted from each other by mud, water and swamps. My Grandpa's squad got stucked on one side of the hill and the Germans on the other, about 200 meters away. And it was impossible for the both squads to get out from this stuck.

Putin, Medvedev and The Golden Cockerel

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The Golden Cockerel


A politically-charged production of a classic Russian opera is set to sweep away the fairy-tale aspects of one of Rimsky-Korsakov’s most complex works. The Golden Cockerel is getting a Bolshoi makeover, and the creative team behind the premiere is keen to reinstate the sharp satire which has been blunted by year’s of childish fantasy. Controversial director Kirill Serebrennikov and renowned conductor Vasily Sinaisky are to make their debut on the famed stage with their revamped taken which will replace a 1988 production which has run its course. “This is a strong, solid musical performance that is to grip the interest of the audience for all 3 hours,” Sinaisky said after an “intense” and “dramatic” rehearsal, pictured above.

Moscow’s Mayor has promised to save city from the poplar fluff

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Poplar Fluff in Moscow


The Moscow authorities plan to gradually rid the city of poplars. About it as informs "Interfax", June 17, said Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. "We understand how annoying poplar fluff residents of the capital, moreover, it causes many allergic diseases," - said Sobyanin. In his view, will solve the problem of gradual replacement of forest plantations in the city. As conceived by the Mayor, will be replaced by poplar trees, does not cause allergies. It is also expected to leave in those varieties of poplar, which do not allow fluff. In this Sobyanin said that the replacement trees should be done gradually. "We can all cut down and leave the city without green spaces," - said the mayor of Moscow. In addition to allergic reactions, poplar fluff can be dangerous also because it is very flammable. In addition, the fluff may cause serious damage to the car. Particularly vulnerable machines, air-conditioned.

How To Buy Tickets Using RZD.RU

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How To Buy Tickets Using RZD.RU

Due to some renovations that have been made on the RZD website there is now impossible to use SEAT MAP. For detailed instruction you can use this one that was provide by Tripadvisor forum.

If you'd like to buy the tickets for the Russian trains and do not want to pay additional fee for travel companies, then here you will find step-by-step instruction of how to buy tickets using official website of Russian RailRoads. I tried to make it as simple as it was possible. All the translation was automatic by Chrome, so if you do not want to use Chrome you can just print these screenshots and use them as guide when buying tickets. If you still have any questions you can feel yourself free to contact us using Request Form.

Step 1: Go straight to - it is in Russian and if you haven't got Chrome that could translate for you this website in attachment you'll see screenshots of this website in English. Now find in the upper right coner word "Регистрация" that means "Registration".

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